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andrei bessa

Andrei Bessa is a performer, a dramaturg and a professor, from Fortaleza, northeast Brazil. Master in Arts (UFC - Brazil). Graduated in Performing Arts (IFCE - Brazil). In 2021 he moves to Lisbon to study at Forum Dança, in the Advanced Program of Creation in Performing Arts, curated by João Fiadeiro in collaboration with Márcia Lança, Carolina Campos and Daniel Pizamiglio.


With focus on dramaturgy in progress, his work has emphasis in performance and in theater, with creations that entangle dance, literature and audiovisual. Currently he investigates his fat body as a material for artistic expansion and expression. In this perspective, his recent obsession is the fable of the mystical creature unicorn-bear.


Artist in Inquieta Cia, a dance and performance collective from Fortaleza (Brazil). Member of "Piscina", independent artist collective that holds a studio at Espaço da Penha (Lisbon). He has worked with João Fiadeiro (PT), Marcelo Evelin (BR), Márcia Lança (PT), Andreia Pires (BR), Thereza Rocha (BR), Scottee and Lea Anderson (UK) and Amy Bell (UK).

Since his arrival in Portugal, he has performed in a number of works and residencies. He has performed in "Barricada", by Marcelo Evelin (2022 - Transborda Festival), "R|Existência", by João Fiadeiro (2021 - Teatro do Bairro Alto) and "Do que fazer daqui para trás - versão expandida", by João Fiadeiro (2021 - Forum Dança). His most recent project "Meu corpo é um tabuleiro" ["My body is a board"] was oriented by João Fiadeiro in the residency A Pele Nómada (2023 - Centro Cultural Malaposta, Odivelas). Andrei created "Farpa" within the PACAP 5 (2022 - Forum Dança). He held the residency "Anatomias Fantásticas" ["Fantastic Anatomies"] (Casa da Dança, Almada) and "Rossoblio (ou Deitadas no Vermelho)" with Ves Liberta (Teatro Virgínia, Torres Novas). He is collaborator of the installation-performance "É só um dia", by Márcia Lança and Carolina Campos (2022 - Biblioteca de Marvilha and La Capella, Barcelona) as designer in real time and live print. Performed in the video-performance "A little bit like the soul", by Sijben Rosa, resident project in Air 351 (2022 - Cascais). Performed in "Algazarra", in the residency Planting A.I.R (2022 - Arroz Estúdios) within the project "Vozes do Rossio" by Vicente Antunes Ramos. He is in the creation process of "URRO" ["ROAR"], his first solo, with process openings held at Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisbon), Central Elétrica (Porto) and Masmorra (Ponta Delgada), the latter within the Fast & Furious residency.

Since 2015 he develops works in performance and dance. Along with Inquieta Cia, he signs the film-performance "Construção Civil" (co-production Panorama RAFT, 2021), the performance "Pra Frente o Pior" (co-production Porto Iracema das Artes, 2016) and the performance exhibitions "Derivações do Pior" (Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste, 2017) and "Ainda Pior de Novo" (Salão das Ilusões, 2018). Between 2007 and 2013, he was as an actor and playwright in several university collectives in Fortaleza.

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